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ID cards and cornflakes…

By March 19, 2007News

Boris is fronting a new campaign against ID cards. In a collaboration with ConservativeFuture, who have clearly seen the light and realised that being endorsed by Boris is the key to getting free publicity, the website encourages visitors to suggest ideas for uses for the “useless” ID card. “The only sensible use for them is to use them to clean your car windscreen on a frosty morning,” he says. “Or what I’m going to do is take it, very carefully grind it up using a blender, sprinkle it on my cornflakes and eat it.” Yum. What would you do?!

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  • dbdb says:

    In which case it’s imperative that they make the ID cards a bit stronger than my tesco clubcard which frequently splits when I’m clearing the windscreen.

    If this continues Tesco’s will stop sending me replacements.

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