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Mac will never be back…

By November 3, 2006Waffle

Since the official Boris Johnson site first became an outrageously popular blog – second only, of course, to Boriswatch’s standing – there has been a little community building up, with regulars posting… well, regularly. Sadly, one of the best of those, Macarnie, has passed away recently (on my birthday, strangely), and while I didn’t know him beyond the amazing poems and prose he spooned into his comments, it seems he will be hugely missed by many. The official site has a post dedicated to him, and there are many others mourning his passing. Boriswatch tips its hat in sadness.


  • Melissa says:

    He was a star on your Forum section then came to the Boris-Johnson site to stratospheric stardom. He won our hearts and minds.

    Melissa @ Boris Johnson’s Office

  • Victoria McGregor says:

    Hello all. I only read these pages on the few times Mac (my grandad) directed me to something he had writted – he was very proud and secretly (well – maybe not so secretly) liked to hear comments on his poetry and prose.

    Having read Matthews Poem and Read Edgars, in addition to all the other lovely messages, id like to say thank you.

    Its amazing how thoughtful and touching almost strangers can be about a man they only knew through his writings on here.

    Youre comments are lovely and he is missed.

  • Wibbler says:

    It sounds like Mac was a bit of a treasure…

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