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Calm down, lads.

By October 5, 2006News

Poor old Boris. turn up at a conference, mutter a few words about one of the nation’s current saints, and all hell breaks loose. You can
imagine his incredulity as he sat in the press office, trying to pen a story, while the press piranhas circled outside, eager to force him into saying something rash. You can imagine his perplexed feelings as you watch this video of Boris’s short walk from the office down the road to safety. Half way through, chants of “Boris, Boris!” rang out as people struggle to see him through the press swarm.
I was going to post a message last night describing Boriswatch’s equal incredulity at the goings-on. Sure, the press haven’t got any scandals to write about at the moment. They were dying for action.
I was going to write about how a bit of personality in politics actually makes it far more interesting. Even David Cameron thinks so.
I was going to write that an article on the BBC, is a deceptive little script – looking as though it’s backing him, but actually secretly ridiculing his persona. Lovable old Boris, it seems to say. Always gaffing.
I was going to say how nothing he said in this episode was actually a gaffe. All the points were valid – why not answer them instead of ignoring the argument and laughing? Boris makes more sensible points than any politician I can think of.
But then, in a sublime riposte, Boris has rebuffed the whole circus in his latest article today. He’s come out fighting for once – and all of a sudden the media move on…
We have in Boris something very unusual – a clear thinking, funny, intelligent and listened-to politician. It’s something we’ve been crying out for for years. It’s something media folk keep telling us is lacking. Let’s not try to ruin it for a newspaper headline, eh folks?


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