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Boris, the EU and Educational Sea Turtles

By June 24, 2006News

Boris has been punching some goals in recently in his brief as Shadow Education Minister. A few days ago, the EU announced plans for the UK’s education system, a plan that Boris immediately put down as “terrifying, Orwellian” – flying in the face of Labour’s Education Minister. Then a couple of days ago, a few eagle-eyed viewers (including Boriswatchers Helen and George) joined Boriswatch in watching a China-based Newsnight piece by BoJo. Titled “Britain and the Chinese sea-turtles” – a title that is bound to intrigue – the Big Bozza highlights the 53,000 Chinese migrants coming to the UK to study at our “superior” universities and asks – with the new phenomenon of English universities branching out into China – whether the Chinese will stop coming and bring to an end the benefits ot Britain of their temporary British stay. It’s an interesting angle that is not the standard viewpoint, and as usual Boris is not afraid to stick his neck out.
It turns out he’s not afraid to stick arms and legs out too, as the end of the piece shows. Boris performing Chinese meditation moves – muttering “tricky, this” as he struggles to grasp it – is a fitting and highly entertaining end…

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