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The Full Boris, footballing legend…

By May 5, 2006News

The full 8 glorious minutes of Boris footballing action…


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  • martin says:


  • matt says:

    absloutly awsome! but how can i download it to my computer or is there a downloadable version out there??

  • CCFC says:

    Greta to see England get stuffed and even better to see another Englishman make a fool of himself.

  • jonathon says:

    far from making a fool of himself bori made a fool of the germans – who took it and themselves all far too seriously – something noone can accuse boris of

  • beau says:

    boris johnson is soooooooooo funny, he is the funniest man in the history of mankind, the greatest tackle ive EVER seen, man of the match, WHAT A TACKLE. ENGLAND!!!!!!!!

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  • Dooshkin says:

    Boris is great!
    That’s the kind of dedication I’d want to see from the other players

    Boris HAS to take Rooney’s place!! He’s a legend!

  • karlos says:

    top bloke and indeed the greatest living englishman

  • Stupid? says:

    Are you all stupid? Boris makes fun about himself. It’s a game and i think he doesn’t understand it and many english men,either.
    Germany won 4:2, truly 5:2!!! Enland lost and such a tackle doesn’t make it even better.
    Who thinks that is funny is a real idiot.
    Germany is the better football nation, forever!!!!

  • Matt the Saviour says:

    Anyway, thats the entire point , that Boris doesn’t take himself seriously. Every1 should be like that.
    U cannot call Germany the better nation on the basis of Wednesday because it was jus a kick about in the park, this was never about football anyway, it was about praising the man Boris for entertaining every1 who watched the match. The sooner people realise to become more light hearted the better

  • I recall watching this live and thinking – BJ has invented a new tackling technique. Priceless – and in his case he can always argue that replays will show he was losing balance in the final moments and it was only the other poor fellas nuts that prevented BJ from sustaining irreperable brain damage. In this context, I think he’d avoid a red card and might just scrape out of a yellow.

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  • Paul Foy says:

    I just laughed out loud for about 10 minutes after that happened. It was the best thing about that game. It was a fun kickabout that was supposed to be about charity, thats why the majority of the English players were celebrities, unlike the German team. So the result didn’t matter really, it was a good laugh for a good cause. Anyone who says differently needs to remove the stick wedged up their arse!!

  • danny says:

    ye maybe england and germany have different senses of humur………… we’re funny your’e not

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