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Boris Johnson vs Germany -now with sound!

By May 4, 2006News


  • Harriet says:


  • Me says:

    Look closely…. he got the ball! Fair challenge 🙂

  • adam colbourne says:

    i watched the game and thought the rugby tackle was hilarious…havkin just found thisnvideo i was wondering if it was possible to get some sort of code for it so i cna out it on my myspace!!!

  • Ryan says:

    funny tackle

  • sam says:

    as a gil who hates footy, this was so so funny, the best bit of the match. having had to put up with hubby watching footy for 13 years this made up for it!!!!

  • Wibbler says:

    Anyone got this with sound? I’m presuming there was a big cheer when Boris unleashed mayhem…

  • TAYLOR says:


  • Geddes says:

    Nobody actually knows what Boris really does. But does that matter? No. Boris is a national treassure for every reason. Ever since appearing on have I got news for you for the first time I became intrigued by him. Not in that way but ya know. Long live Boris.

  • Stupid? says:

    Are you all stupid? Boris makes fun about himself. It’s a game and i think he doesn’t understand it and many english men,either.
    Germany won 4:2, truly 5:2!!! Enland lost and such a tackle doesn’t make it even better.
    Who thinks that is funny is a real idiot.
    Germany is the better football nation, forever!!!!

  • Matt the saviour says:

    r u for real??
    The fact that Boris doesn’t take himself seriously is the whole point! It’s what every1 should be like! It sounds like u take yourself far 2 seriously. Accident or not it was still damm funny, and u cannot call an entire stadium full of people (and most of the people who have seen it since) idiots
    So what England lost? It was never going to be a serious game, and as we all said Germany took it 2 seriously for what it was always going to be (a kick about down the park)

  • stupid? u knob says:

    “stupid?” wot u on about, that challenge was awesome. he speeds up as he gets closer which makes it brilliant. He’s a pure posh bloke playing footy, when he thinks he’s playing rugby. Legend

  • Batty says:

    Wonderful film clip.

    An Englishman, at his best. This has not been seen, since that other untidy oaf, and American immigrant, my cousin, Winston Churchill.

    I so can’t wait for Boris to be P.M., that I’m wetting myself, as I sit at this tripewriter.

    The fact that Boris is a sorta Persian immigrant, makes the irony so much sweeter.

    BORIS FOR PM! I say.

    And, sod that wet lump of Slough Grammer School green chewing gum, “Dave” Cameroon.

    The sooner Boris is P.M., the better for ALL of us.

    P.S. I still want a go, at multiplying his children count, even though both of his legs, appear to be Albino palm trees.

    It’s what holds the palm trees apart, that counts — and, I hear, that he is hung like a rhinosaurus.

    Sheikha Wel Befor Usin.

  • Howard says:

    Lets see if we can hear this at home – cos I damn sure can’t get sound at work!

  • Boris for Prime Minister. He is bloody marvellous!

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