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By September 15, 2005News

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Although you won’t know that from the Boriswatch inbox of late. I can only apologise, although if I was feeling particularly slopey-shouldered I could blame the utter dearth of Boris-related news. But hey, we’re back, and you have a cast iron guarantee that Boriswatch will post more than once a month in future. We hope… 😉
Boris has, however, just landed back from a trip to Afghanistan, fresh and breezy. His pockets are a little lighter, as The Spectator reports that he’s discovered money missing from his account.
In other news, the Tory leadership race is hotting up. Clarke weighs in, quite literally, with the dinosaur vote. He was great in his time, but whether he’d have as much of a sway on voters as younger candidates is dubious, in Boriswatch’s opinion.
Of course, we all know who would have the most impact with younger voters, don’t we? Sadly, Boris is coming in at 200-1 in Ladbrokes – but I’m sure there’s something we can do about that…

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  • Beelzebub says:

    Indeedy, absinthe makes the sweetheart wander…

    So, what’s dear Boris really been up to?

    Looking on the bright side, he’s back in time to give Kimberley one of those ‘Happy to see me, or is that an Ipod in your pocket?’ welcomes home.


    Only Me.

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