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Boris Is Back, says the Evening Standard and Boriswatch

By August 3, 2005News

Boris Is Back“Boris Is Back!”, exclaimed the Evening Standard on Monday – and all because of a supporting letter from Boriswatch to the paper after the coverage of a new play called Who’s The Daddy, about the infamous Kimberley Quinn, and all associated with her at the tail end of last year. To read the piece, click the image on the right (or click here). Thanks to Anna for the article.
And, lo and behold, another piece of Boris news – he popped up on Pm this afternoon for a brief difference of opinion with Peter Hitchins. Download the relevant audio clip here.


  • John says:

    Yeah! Good old boris!

  • Melissa says:

    Fabulous letter SimonS – congratulations! mustn’t have him peak too early or it might turn him peaky, eh?

    Melissa @ Boris Johnson office

  • Well done with getting some copy into the paper Simon. Wish Boris was standing as leadership contender as I feel the current front runners don’t have enough of the x factor to inspire the floating voter, the very people we need to convince to vote for us! Oh well he is still a young man and has all the time in the world to lead the Party if he wants to.

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