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Boris throws his hat in Cameron’s ring

By June 18, 2005News

“I hope that David Cameron removes his hat from wherever he has got it, and chucks it firmly in the ring. That hat has got to simultaneously decapitate his competitors and land in the ring.”
And with those typically amusing words, Boris has thrown his weight behind the Tory leadership candidate. He adds that if there were any plots to oust Michael Howard, he was “frankly insulted” that he hadn’t been asked to take part.
All this, frankly, puts Boriswatch at a quandry. We would of course like Boris to be leader, although we agree young Cameron would be a very decent second choice. We would have thought Boris was the most popular amongst the masses, but with his odds remaining steadfastly in the 100-1 region, is there any hope for a Prime Minister Boris?
Aha! Boriswatch has an idea…

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