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Boris for Leader? Not likely, say Ladbrokes…

By June 16, 2005News

The growing Conservative uprising concerning the leadership brings back fond memories of this post, where I reported on the cheering throngs on Question Time when Boris’s rise to the top of the party was mooted.


Of course, Boriswatchers are in total agreement, but others are not so sure, as a Ladbrokes odds page shows. He tying with that great whale Nicolas Soames, for crying out loud! But, in amongst these doubters, there are the avid supporters – one of which is Anthony Worrall Thompson, chef extraordinaire. “Boris,” he says, “is an excellent constituency MP.” And he utters words of wisdom that your humble host can thoroughly agree with. “I think,” espouses the Great Worrall in this article, “the Tory Party found Mr Johnson a bit of a threat.” And that, as I said to Channel 5 just last year, is the real reason why Boris is not in the top ranks. Yet.
In other news, I hear the official Boris website is due for a redesign, giving it a lighter, more summery air. With discs. Confused? Well, stay tuned for a design that Boris has apparently declared “very swish”…

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