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Fighting Boris – a view from the front line

By June 5, 2005News

In interesting insight into battling against Boris in recent election comes from an unusual source –, a “webzine for aspiring journalists”. In “Inside Boris Johnson Country“, Nicolas Newman details the trouble Labour had in fighting a “dead duck” constituency, with no hope of winning. If you look past the slightly off-piste grammar, it’s an interesting read.


  • Ben says:

    I’m afraid the off-piste grammar contained too many moguls for a pleasing literacy descent. No one who uses the phrase ‘blond bombshell’ twice in one article is fit even to knot Boris’s bandana.

  • Macarnie says:

    Come on Wibbler! You can do better than that: I mean to say the article was on your daughter site several days ago; and your readers do channel hop,( as if you didn’t know). I regret to say that once again you appear to be a tad, shall we say, otherwise occupied. How is that for convoluted grammar.

  • James B says:

    Macarnie – I think Mr Wibbler has many other things to do besides updating this site – cut him some slack. It’s a great site!

  • John says:

    Macarnie, surely you have more to do than waiting for an update on a site. How sad are you?

    Some people, like wibbler have lives and jobs to do, so cut him some slack, or volunteer some of your time to him.

  • Melissa says:

    We, on the site think you are great and we couldn’t do without you.

    Keep going strong. We enjoy your site. Long live Wibbler !!!!

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