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A Question of Boris

By May 13, 2005News

I don’t know if you settled down last night to watch Question Time on BBC1 – but if you didn’t you missed a treat. The discussions were a little humdrum, and things were pottering on at a humdrum pace until the question of the Tory leadership reared its head. “Before I ask Boris Johnson on this, I just want to take a question from the audience.” And before we knew it, the audience member had asked whether Boris should be leader and then the whole audience had started cheering. Boris, typically, mumbled some bemused appreciation and tried to answer a preceding point. David Dimbleby was surprisingly eager to exploit the Boris-centred conversation, which was a blessing. Boris eventually confirmed he’d love to be offered the job. GO BORIS!
UPDATE: reaction on the BBC website to the questions here and you can watch the whole programme here with the boris action starting at around 45 minutes. If anyone knows how to copy streaming Realplayer files, I would dearly love to know…


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