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Comedy Campaigning!

By April 19, 2005News

Your humble Boriswatch host has ben inundated with concerned readers – most of them expressing concern that “Boris has gone AWOL” and that they need “more Boris on our screens”. And I would admit that since last year we haven’t seen a lot of the comical, Woodhousian side of Boris. But now, thank God, I’ve read this spectacular article in The Times today – and I think we can safely assume he’s merely been lying low. This, ladies and gentlemen, is pure comedy Boris. He’s coming back – and not a moment too soon…


  • Dafyd says:

    And he’s back on form…!

    Vintage Boris-isms, there, I think: “Bumf, I’ve run out of bumf. Bring more bumf.”

  • Dyfferent says:

    His blog has been mostly horrible filler including this jaw-droppingly awful pasted piece of glurge about God creating women. I’m rather disappointed, as I thought it was initially supposed to mean more material written by BoJo himself.

  • John says:

    What is the point on his website about henley? He isn’t going to attract anyone who doesn’t live there to vote for him, cos you can’t, and I don’t see how it would affect those who live there.

  • Wibbler says:

    I think it’s more to say “here’s Henley, it’s fantastic”, without having a real motive for it…

  • John says:

    I wouldn’t say Henley is fantastic…… well except for Boris.

  • Dyfferent says:

    It’s the same reason that musicians on tour always substitute the name of the town they’re in for the town in the song.

    …it makes everyone go Woooo! Yaaaay!

    And that is all. I don’t think too much of Henley; nice place to visit but the people who live there think they’re really special because of where they live. I’m not sure why.

  • Rob says:

    OK, so I stumbled across an old post. But I will find the present. But the past was good. I hadn’t voted for him yet. Wiff-waff was unheard of. But the future is bright, the future is BORIS.

    Rob’s last blog post..Charity Wankathon-Red Nose Walk

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