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Working the turf while the coverage builds

By April 18, 2005News

While Boris is working the magic on his home turf of Henley, there are several people finding that its safe to come out from under the Mersey-soaked cloud that rained on Boris last year. For example, Online Recruitment magazine has just quoted a survey into the politician they would most want to work for their firm. Boris came a surprise second with 15%, behind the dour Gordon Brown – a firm thumbs up and a confirmation that Boriswatchers are spreading far and wide!
The Guardian has published a “2 minute interview” with Boris – “uncut and unedited”, which is just how we like Boris. In a supremely unedited moment, Boris is asked how he’d help make Michael Howard Prime Minister. “I’m straining every nerve to bring that about, ” he replies. “I really think it’s possible. Oh, someone’s just spilt some water. [To someone in the background] Are you all right?”
Six paragraphs into a Guardian article headed “You crazy rosbifs”, extracts from a new book show that – and this is no bad thing – Boris confuses the hell out of the French. “Some are predicting a rapid ascent to the top of the Conservative party”, says the article. Damn right, says Boriswatch…

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  • John says:

    If the tories lose (as I fear they will) they are going to need a new leader. I for one think peoples problems are they see someone like Howard and immediatly think back to 1992 onwards etc…. If they elected someone like Boris to leadership, they could no longer use “oh look what he did in 92 etc…..” as an excuse.

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