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And they’re off!

By April 9, 2005News

The election race is on – and so is the race to scrub any reference to
“MP” on all MP’s webpages. Boris’s official website is now fully
“candidate-compliant” – and to celebrate the fact Boris has posted a
website-only piece audaciously and compellingly comparing Zimbabwe’s
recent elections and the Birmingham electoral fraud. If Robert Mugabe
wants to get one over on Blair, he should read it immediately…
The Spectator has today launched its own Election section, which seems
to be an endorsement from its editor (which, as if you need reminding,
is Big Bozza himself) that weblogs are the way forward, in vogue and the new black. Or something.
In other news, my recent visit to Boris’s office spawned some hidden
treasures which I’ve now had the go ahead to publish! While I was
sitting on Boris plush green sofa, I took a couple of pictures and a
short video of the place with my camphone. Here, as the Daily Express put it last week,
is “one of the most sought-after offices in Westminster”:

Picture 1Picture 2Picture 3Picture 4 (including a nice closeup…)
Video (MP4 format I’m afraid – Quicktime will play it)


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