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From the mailbag

By January 23, 2005News

Driven to despair by the recent lack of Boris news, regular readers have taken to sending in their own news titbits.
– Regular contributor Macarnie believes he has found the answer to “Is Boris the Messiah” in an oyster bearing, so he claims, the face of Boris! Here it is – see what you think. Is this a sign of good things ahead for Bozza?
– Boriswatch reader Adam points out that Boris has “14-1 odds on Boris being recalled to the Shadow Cabinet. Although [some articles have] said”, Adam continues, “that most would prefer him in a dark closet”.
– … meanwhile, many others (including bigbird_uk, HotMale098 and thomsonp have bemoaned the lack of Boris anecdotes in the news recently. “I’ve almost stopped visiting boriswatch every couple of hours,” bigbird_uk imparts, “I swear if I don’t see the glorious Boris moptop in the next few days I’ll burst into little pieces”. Don’t leave a mess now will you, bigbird_uk?!
So, thank you one and all for filling the Boriswatch mailbag. And also thank you to the kind bods who have done their best at filling the Talk Boris forum with wonderful facts and downright ribaldry. Good work!

One Comment

  • Macarnie says:

    Eliciting replies is never easy
    Putting thoughts in print, and hoping for a bite
    It seems that everyone’s contracted lockjaw
    Transmission’s closing down for now: goodnight.

    Normal service should resume tomorrow morning,
    Trouble is, we know tomorrow never comes.
    Is there ever any point in making comment?
    I could just as well say nowt, and beat my gums

    Having read the latest piece from Mr. Wibbler,
    I retract the criticism; toute–de-suite
    Things suddenly have stirred on Boris Forum
    So to carry on the moan would not be neat.

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