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Mirror Reports Plan To Quit

By November 8, 2004News

The Mirror have a bee in their bonnet about Boris, that is now clear. Rehashing the same old lines about affairs with a certain member of his staff is useful to fill a gap in the paper and also helps to denigrate the main light in the Conservative party, but they’re really dredging the gutter again. Let me list some of the many positives of Boris, and then see whether it’s worth damaging Boris to get a few more sales.
1. People Trust Boris – The public don’t trust politicians, with good reason. But they trust Boris to speak his mind, and speak the truth. Even the recent Liverpool comments confirmed that he is prepared to back comments that he considers correct, regardless of the impact it may have. For that alone, Boris is unique, and is dragging the murky world of politics back up to the standards we deserve.
2. Social And Political Commentary – The Spectator is meant to infuriate and educate, says Boris, who has successfully steered the magazine to record sales. And almost all readers of his columns, whether or not they agree with his sentiments, appreciate his honesty and applaud his integrity. How many journalists, let alone politicians, can we say that about?
3. Sheer Entertainment Value – Boris has been the only MP to make it to the Superbrands Cool List in 2004. He has been voted the Ideal Meeting Chair. His website is inundated with visitors and comments. This site has had 48,000 visitors in 6 months. People love to watch him (Paul Bigley excluded), regardless of the political allegiance.
So, let’s really get stuck in and support Boris at every opportunity. It’s the least he deserves.


  • Badger says:

    Here here

  • melissa says:

    Good take on the news making waves at the moment. I hope that the stones thrown at Boris will hit stony ground and Boris will continue unhindered on a crest of a wave.

  • Jacqueline says:

    Ditto Melissa’s comments. Boris is in a wonderful (and unique?) position being a top politician and leading editor. Frankly I think there are many who are just a bit jealous.
    Just ignore them Boris – they didn’t hurt Ian Hislop and they can’t hurt you unless you let them, take no notice.

  • John says:

    Boris shouldn’t quit either, it should stand strong and firm. The storm will pass and he will be left even stronger than before, in a Tory party that is in power.

  • Dyfferent says:

    Wow, isn’t that libel? Or slander, or whichever?

  • Complete pish all of it. We all know that if boris had touched that woman he would own up.

    The fact is some people are afraid of the truth, and the last thing they want is a credible tory.

    Boris will prevail, as will the conservatives…eventually.

  • John says:

    Maybe we should all get some support boris campaign t-shirts made.

  • The giant eye says:

    I’m not a Tory, but Boris rocks!!!
    Boris had the integrity to take the Liverpool business on the chin. How many other MPs are prepared to do that?
    His private life should be something only his family has the right to critisisi. They’re just allegations anyway. Even if it is true, he’s not the Pope, so why the media witchhunt?

  • John says:

    Boris has been fired :-/

  • Heather says:

    Just heard he’s been sacked – what an utter waste of the one of the few good men they’ve got left. A foolish knee-jerk reaction. Try doing what Labour does-absolutely nothing- and it will all go away (Hoon’s still there, after all)

  • John says:

    They are allegations, they are not even proved true yet, why fire him now? No one is going to vote Tories with all the stupid decisions they are making at the moment.

  • wurz says:

    Whether you agree with his politics or not Boris is a very rare thing – an honest(ish) and forthright politician (he was right about Liverpool). The Tories are now dead in the water.

  • Mike says:

    Even though I don’t support his party, I thought his comments on Liverpool were spot on. I’m sure he’ll be back.

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