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Catching up…

By October 11, 2004News

Wow, I go away for a week (Gran Canaria, and boy am I burnt…), and you should see the stack of emails on my return! Currently ploughing through them, but here’s a couple of responses:
1. Boris’s new book – I read it on holiday. It was simply brilliant. A little-publicised feature is that the entire book takes place over a time period of four hours. If you can make a book entertaining while describing a four-hour time period, you’ve got my vote.
2. Boris on Any Questions (direct audio link here) – he was gooooooood. He erred on the side of sensible rather than jokey (apart from the classic “errr, what was the question?” and the Kojak episode…), and came out astonishingly well… Good on you, Boris, you PM in the making you… 😉
UPDATE: The Kojak episode, in all its unremitting glory, is here. Download and treasure it.
3. Max Hastings on Boris (Daily Mail) – Yep, you’re right, Boriswatch reader Jon – if Max thinks it’s possible for Boris to be Leader of the Conservatives, then who are we to say no? If Boris can mantain the impression he gave at Any Questions, there’s no telling what may happen.
Right, on with the rest of the emails…


  • John says:

    If Boris was PM I doubt anything would ever get done. :-/

  • marie dahill says:

    I would like to say that I am sorry for Mr Johnson. Obviously, he has never lost a loved one. I pray that he never looses anybody in such tragic circumstances as Hilsborough or Iraq.

    I also pray that if ever he looses a loved one there are people there for him to comfort him and see him through. This is all anybody in any community can do when somebody looses a loved

    Marie. Liverpool

  • John says:

    I’m sure if he lost a loved one though he wouldn’t want the whole town wallowing in his loss- I know I wouldn’t, I would want to be with my family.

  • Victoria says:

    You haven’t been back to Gran Canaria since 2004? Wow you must be busy! 🙂 Personally I’m happy staying here and no plan on coming back for the time being!

    Victoria’s last blog post..It’s Carnival Time in Gran Canaria!

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