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Boris conquers America?

By August 17, 2004News

An exciting titbit of information from Boriswatch reader Ria:
“Hi, in case you haven’t already spotted it: Boris is being launched onto the unsuspecting Americans via an interview in this month’s Vanity Fair.”
Looks like we may have an International Boris on our hands…!


  • frieda says:

    I am an unsuspecting American who just finished the Boris Johnson Vanity Fair article. All I can say is: Where can I vote for him? How? Don’t let a little thing like me not being British get in the way!! I’m not real clear on what a Tory is (makes me think vaguely of the Boston Tea Party but I’m sure that’s not right!) but, as of right now, I fully intend to gloriously scrawl “BORIS!” across my ballot come November rather than vote for either of the ridiculous choices our limited system has presented us with! Well done, England! This guy is really cool!

  • Wibbler says:

    Glad you’ve discovered our best kept secret, Frieda! What we need is the text of the article – I can’t find it on the internet…

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