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Boris and a whiff of scandal

By August 17, 2004News

After years of treading carefully, Boris is within sniffing distance of a racy Government scandal. The news that his married Spectator publisher, Kimberley Fortier, is embroiled in an affair with David Blunkett had the papers reeling on Monday morning. Keenly avoiding a stab at a mirth filled response, Boris is gallantly standing by his woman: “She is a terrific publisher and has my complete support.” An utter gentleman, especially considering Mr Blunkett’s political leanings.
And what is Boriswatch’s response to the growing “scandal”? Keep a low profile, Boris, there’s a good lad. And, in a refreshing change from the usual political affairs, we at Boriswatch are pleased that Mr Blunkett is obviously not after her for her looks…


  • George says:

    The fact that Boris’s publisher is having an affair with one of the most left wing men in the country may explain the Spectator’s lurch to the left. I always thought it was strang that they were recruiting so many left wing journalists and publishing articles that no Tory could be expected to enjoy reading (e.g. bashing toffs). Now it makes sense. Who cares about the Spectator’s circulation when you’re busy making Mad Dog Blunkett happy?

  • Dave McTavish says:

    There are other reasons why he’s so circumspect on this issue. Shall we say, certain pots don’t want to be caught calling certain kettles black?

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