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Boris and his Seventy-Two Virgins

By July 13, 2004News


  • Lez says:

    I’m half way through ‘A word in Your Ar*e’ and haven’t developed a desire to vote Conservative – yet.
    Why do political people feel they have to write novels? Novelists don’t generally go into politics.
    Boris, stick to the facts!

  • Al says:

    Given that Boris got a degree in Classics at Oxford, is the Shadow Minister for the Arts and already has two fairly gripping non-fiction books under his belt, the second of which is made up from over 15 years of journalistic writings, I reckon he’s pretty well qualified for adding a novel to that. Most journalists seem to think they have a novel in them or wanted to be a writer when they started out. I guess all you need is a bit of imagination and, being a Tory MP in this day and age, surely that’s a prerequisite anyway?

    I’m looking forward to reading it when it comes out.

  • Kozington says:

    Having read ‘Lend Me Your Ears’ (or was it ‘Friends, Voters, Countrymen’?! – I can’t recall… dearie me…) I am certainly very excited about Boris’ upcoming triumph. Twill be a best seller throughout the land, I can tell already… So, BUY IT!!!

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