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Question Time with Boris

By July 9, 2004News

Boris appearance on Question Time caused customary mirth last night, with Boris making valid and sometimes brave points on schools, smacking and the political inword “choice”. But wait – did I detect a hint of steely determination from Boris, a gritty and more forceful edge to the usual lovable fellow? Perhaps the beginnings of a new, even more effective performance. Favourite bit? When Boris was heard mumbling to himself, causing David Dimbleby to cut short his commentary and ask, “What ARE you muttering about, Boris?”


  • ben says:

    When Boris began berating the PM for not sending his children to the local school I would have loved someone to ask Boris where his children go to school. Oh, and DAVID Dimbleby presents Question Time.

  • Wibbler says:

    Damn. Good point, I’ve changed it to David…

  • Paul says:

    I’ve no knowledge, but i’m surely with Boris being MP in one of the nicest areas of the country he has no problem at all letting his children go to the local-school.

    Also, just like to say how good Boris was on QT, he didn’t say the popular thing, he said what he believes is right, something I feel is a dieing art on shows like Question Time

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