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“Not Exactly A Job”

By May 28, 2015News

Zero Hours ContractHere at Boriswatch HQ we all have quite a few jobs. Our Legal Advisor has been known to deliver pizza on his moped in his lunch hour while our Head of News arrives in the morning wearing her Lollipop Lady coat. Making ends meet sometimes requires commitment, but how many jobs is ‘too many jobs?’

For example, we’re not sure that anyone at Boriswatch HQ could be both a Member of Parliament and the Mayor of one of the world’s most important cities. Even if we could, it would be unlikely that we could then write a weekly newspaper column on a six-figure contract. And even if we were able to manage it, could we then also manage to be a best-selling author?

Unlike us mere mortals, Boris seems to manage all of these various jobs. And, this week, he appears to be slightly miffed that he hasn’t been given yet another job to take his CV into a 43rd page. Whilst being invited to become part of David Cameron’s new ‘Political Cabinet’, the Prime Minster stopped short of giving Boris a full ministerial position. Quite reasonably, the PM said this would let Bozza “devote his attention to his final year as Mayor of London”.

Boris clearly has time on his hands, however, as he seemed less than impressed by being ignored for the position of, say, Home Secretary. When asked by The Independent whether he was happy with his new role, Mr Johnson replied: “Well it’s not exactly a job, is it?” striking ‘a rather disgruntled tone’.

The Mayor then controversially declared that his new Cabinet post was a ‘zero-hours contract’. “It is a zero-hours contract. It is definitely not a job. I have accepted a role that Miliband wanted to ban,” added the new MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

What do you think? Should Boris have been given a senior position, or should he wait until his Mayorship ends?

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