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Mid Air Drama

By January 19, 2015News

Boris Malaysia AirYou may remember that a few months back, Boris was involved in an astonishing incident aboard a Malaysia Air flight.  The Mayor was forced to step in during a 13 hour flight back to the UK after a fellow passenger in first class became abusive and assaulted a member of staff.

Well, the man – 43 year old David Morris – has now been sentenced and the Mayor’s testimony formed part of the court hearing.

Morris, described as ‘off his head’ by one of Bozza’s entourage, had drunk a considerable amount of beer, whisky and wine before launching a physical attack on the cabin crew. Boris assisted the flight crew in tackling and restraining the engineer who was handcuffed and arrested on his arrival in London.

As part of the court proceedings, a statement from the Mayor explained how the man had to be restrained for the safety of other passengers. He said: “Myself and a few other passengers felt we needed to keep an eye on the male the whole time as we were worried about the safety of the crew and other passengers. I could tell people were stressed by the male’s behaviour.”

During the incident at 35,000 feed the Mayor’s technology ambassador, Eileen Burbidge, tweeted a picture showing five members of the crew tackling the man: ‘so impressed w/MH2 cabin crew (Kuala Lumpur-LHR); amazing professionalism/handling of passenger who was off his head.’

Morris was given a six-month jail sentence for being drunk in an aeroplane and a four-month sentence, to run concurrently, for assault by beating.

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