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Lizards and lycra

By November 30, 2014News
Picture from The Daily Telegraph

Picture from The Daily Telegraph

I daresay that there are many people that would scuttle into the undergrowth if the Mayor of London tried to grab their behind. We don’t have any evidence to support this [Please say ‘allegedly’ – Boriswatch Legal Advisor] although there has been one incident of rear-touching-scurrying-action on the latest stage of Boris’ World Tour.

The Mayor is in the Far East on a UK trade mission and one of the stops involved an encounter with a large lizard at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Apparently, London’s Kew Gardens has a long history with its Singaporean cousin as it provided 22 para rubber seedlings in 1877 – kick-starting south east Asia’s rubber industry.

“Poor little lizard, being chased around,” said Mr Johnson who, according to the Telegraph, ‘gave the lizard the fright of its life.’

Pestering lizards is not all that Boris has been doing on his trip. The Mayor took his ‘portly figure’ (as the Mail called it) on a bike ride with the Indonesian president, Joko Widodo, a man who ended up leading his country after taking office as the Governor of its largest city (a career path that Bozza will have no doubt noted with interest).

Boris said: “‘I’m delighted to be back in Jakarta. I want to try and help cement our strong bilateral relations with Indonesia and further discussion on trade and business opportunities between two great and growing capital cities.

“I’m looking forward to sharing our experience of running the Olympic Games with the president as Indonesia prepares to host the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta.”

Next stop: Bothering a crocodile in Malaysia. Probably.

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