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Unusual Uses For A Comb

By April 3, 2014News

Boris Little Ant and DecAs the Mayor of London you can be expected to be interrogated by the toughest of interviewers. Boris has certainly had his fair share of run-ins with journalists over the years, from the likes of Jeremy Paxman to a well-publicised on-air grilling from Eddie Mair.

However, this week  Boris had to face his toughest pair of interrogators yet – none other than Little Ant and Little Dec.

Filmed at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park ahead of its official opening, Boris was forced to confess that he is frequently told off for not brushing his hair before being quizzed on his lack of gold chain and the capital’s ‘totty’.

The interview, broadcast on ITV’s Saturday Night Takeaway, showed the two miniature interviewers present the Mayor with a comb – which Boris confirmed he would use…but not in the way the kids expected.

Little Dec asked the Mayor: “Do you get told off for never brushing your hair?”

Mr Johnson admitted: “Yes very frequently.  I do it’s a failing of mine.”

Little Dec then presented the Mayor with a comb, but he appeared reluctant to use it for its intended purpose.

Boris said: “Thank you very much I will keep that it’s a handy looking object, I can use it to scratch my back.”

[Perhaps he doesn’t know what a comb or brush is for? That would explain the hair – Boriswatch Make-Up Editor]

The Mayor was also asked about why his role as Mayor does not come with suitable regalia. Little Ant asked: “If you are the Mayor where is your big hat and gold chain?”

Reluctantly, Boris confessed: “I don’t have either a hat or a chain.”

When Little Ant added:  “You’re The Mayor you should have that stuff’”, Boris replied: “Well I know it’s very nice of you to say so Little Ant.”

The duo, who look like the ITV stars Ant and Dec, also quizzed the Mayor about the attractiveness of London’s ladies. Little Dec asked: “My daddy said there is a lot of posh totty in London what does he mean?”

Boris was coy in his reply. “I don’t know what your father means by that but I’m sure he’s right…”

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