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Pay up, Potus

By November 8, 2012News

I didn’t realise the two were that close….

So, after three gazillion pounds of spending and a campiagn that’s been going on since three days after Obama was elected in 2008, the American’s have chosen a new President. Well, they have actually chosen their old President, with Barack Obama seeing off the challenge of Republican candidate Mittens Romney.

Now, our own charismatic leader hasn’t always seen eye to eye with the Prez. And, Bozza’s initial reaction to the re-election of President Obama was telling.

Did the Mayor congratulate him warmly on his electoral triumph? Did he wish him well in coaxing a giant world power out of recession and into a brave new era? Did he support his policies to improve equality across the nation? Or did he welcome the re-election of a man who never gives the impression that he has an itchy trigger finger (always the first quality you should look for in a Presidential candidate.)

Er, no.

Boris’ tweet to Mr Obama read: “Many congratulations to @BarackObama on his victory. Looking forward to renewing our claim to America’s unpaid Congestion Charge bill!”

So, the Mayor chooses to congratulate the new/old leader of the Free World with a snide jab at the fact the Yanks owe us £6 million in unpaid congestion charge fees (according to the BBC). Come on, Bozza. Let the man bask in his glory and be nice to him. I imagine your traffic charges aren’t at the forefront of his mind right now….

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