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By August 2, 2012News

This week has seen the first full length trailer of the brand new James Bond adventure, Skyfall.  In it, 007 is seen in various perilous situations around London, before we see an impressive stunt featuring a mode of London transport.

Keen not to be outdone by Bond, Boris has this week also risked life and limb for Queen and country.  The Mayor was featuring as a special guest in Victoria Park, London, to ride a 1,050ft (320m) zip line.  After donning a hard hat and carrying two Union flags as he attempted to sail down…the Mayor ground to a halt on the wife, about 65 feet from the end.  The Telegraph reports that Bozza ‘was left dangling inelegantly in front of a watching crowd.’

One member of the public shouted “I heard Ken Livingstone set up the zipline”, as Mr Johnson responded: “This is great fun but it needs to go faster.”  Eventually, staff came to his rescue and used a rope to tow him to the bottom of the line.

He later admitted: “I wouldn’t want to be up there all afternoon.”

A public enquiry has determined that the problem was caused by a ‘loss of momentum’.  Looking at Boris, you might have thought he’d have the opposite problem…

Ahem.  A spokesman for the Mayor said: “”The judges will rightly be marking him down for artistic impression.”

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