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The Third Runway

By March 28, 2012News

A third runway at Heathrow Airport ‘will not be built’ whilst Boris Johnson is Mayor.  The Tory Mayor of London has made his position very clear this week after speculation that his party were set to do a U-turn.

[Incidentally, this could mean that work on a third runway is only postponed for 6 weeks or so as Boris could cease to become Mayor in early May – Boriswatch Ed]

Bozza said: “It would mean a huge increase in planes over London, and intolerable traffic and fumes in the west of the city – and it will not be built as long as I am Mayor of London.

“That is why the Government is right to look at all new solutions for extra aviation capacity except the third runway at Heathrow.”

The Government is reportedly keen to look at the option of a third runway as the airport is currently struggling to cope with increasing passenger numbers.  However, such a move was ruled out in the last Conservative Party manifesto and the Liberal Democrats are also opposed to any such plans.

There have been reports that senior Tories are looking into the prospect of developing RAF Northolt to fill the role.  The single-runway RAF station sits six miles north of Heathrow, and is already used for some private, non-military flights.

Tim Yeo, the Tory chairman of the Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee, has called for the Conservatives to revisit their Heathrow policy, telling The Observer: “I think there is a major rethink going on, and there needs to be.”

However, it’s clear that Bozza plans to oppose any Heathrow expansion, calling the idea a potential ‘environmental disaster’.  Well, he’ll oppose it for at least six weeks, in any case…

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  • Yes, Bozza’s comments can mean more than one thing as ever ! Don’t think it will ever be built though. He does have a point on the ‘quart into a pint pot’ comment (not that I know what a quart is, but I guess it is bigger than a pint….!). That said, Labour had approved the runway and it was set to be built. Boris didn’t / couldn’t block it then so why have things changed now. Doesn’t national government trump local government in a game of scissors, paper rock?

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