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Bendy buses banished

By December 13, 2011News

He may have done lots of great things for London, but there are two words that seem most commonly associated with Boris as Mayor: bikes and buses.

This week, Boris has managed to achieve one of his main demands in that the last ‘bendy bus’ will complete its journey. The 207 between Hayes and White City will be the very last bendy bus in London this weekend and then the “cumbersome machines” which, according to the Mayor, were too big for narrow streets and encouraged fare-dodgers will be taken out of service for good.

However, not everyone is happy with the removal of the ‘whales of the road’. The BBC reports that Transport for All, which speaks for older and disabled transport users, said Transport for London was ‘nuts’ to scrap the vehicles. Spokeswoman Lianna Etkind said: “On every other bus in London, wheelchair users are frequently left stranded at the bus stop when pushchair users refuse to fold their buggy and give up the wheelchair bay.

“Many wheelchair users simply won’t travel at the time of the school run, because conflict with pushchair users who won’t move is so common.”

And, the Liberal Democrats pointed out that the replacement buses could only hold 85 passengers compared to the 120 that could be accommodated by a bendy bus. Caroline Pidgeon said: “As the replacement buses to the bendy buses are often just maintaining the same frequency, the reality is significant less capacity on numerous bus routes across London.”

However, Bozza won’t be sad to see the end of these buses. He said: “We bid a final but not fond farewell to the bendy bus. These bulky and ungainly monstrosities were always more suitable for the wide open vistas of a Scandinavian airport than for London’s narrow streets and I am glad to see the back of them.

“While it is goodbye to the bendy, it is hello to the svelte and elegant new bus for London, which will grace the capital’s streets from early next year.”

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