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Beautiful Boris Bus

By November 28, 2011News

"Fares please!"

It may seem like an unusual political pledge, but Boris’ promise to revolutionise the design of London’s buses came a step closer this week.

One of his main election pledges was to rid London of its ‘bendy buses’ and to replace them with a 21st century Routemaster. And, this week, the new bus has been launched. Bozza visited the Ballymena headquarters of the bus manufacturer, Wrightbus, and hailed the new Routemaster as “not just a bus but a visible statement of confidence in what British industry can do”.

The design features two staircases, three doors and the distinctive open platform at the back of the bus. Two crew members will be required and so the days of a conductor working on board will be resurrected. The first bus is set to go into service in December with a gradual introduction happening in the New YEer.

Much as this will re-introduce an iconic London image back into the public conscious, it is also an important political moment for the Mayor. It may be just a double decker bus, but it’s the fulfillment of a well-publicised political pledge – and that is worth it’s weight in used bus tickets.

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