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By October 31, 2011News

It’s almost sixty years to the day since Winston Churchill won the General Election to become the Prime Minister for the second time. And, at a dinner this week to celebrate the life of the great leader, Boris was forced to defend himself against one of the most preposterous attacks seen in politics in recent years.

Liam Byrne, the Shadow Cabinet minister, has accused Bozza of being a ‘part time Mayor’ because Johnson’s new book is published next week. The Evening Standard reports ‘that The Mayor’s latest book, Johnson’s Life of London: The People Who Made the City that Made the World, is released on November 3. Mr Byrne yesterday told the Standard that it is “truly astonishing” that he “can find the time to write a book when he was elected to run London”.’

How dare the Mayor do something else other than Mayoring now he has been elected? I bet Liam Byrne has cooked himself some dinner since becoming an MP. What’s that all about? Is he a ‘part time politician’ because he spends part of his time doing something other than MP-ing?


In a speech at the Churchillian Award Dinner, Boris said: “If some Lefty, snivelling opponent tells you that you can’t combine writing and politics you can remind them that Churchill wrote journalism throughout his career.

“And then he continued, I discovered the other day, to write the history of the English speaking peoples – more than 20,000 words of it – after Hitler had invaded Poland and when he was in charge of the entire British Navy.”

Perhaps next time Liam Byrne is tending his garden, spending time with his children or watching some football on the telly he should consider his words and go and do something for his constituents instead….

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