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Bunting, Tesco and the Woolwich

By August 24, 2011News

You should have seen the one that got away, officer. It was this big....

As the clean-up and fallout from the recent London riots continues, Bozza was back on the streets today to see how the jolly old people of the capital are holding up.

This time he was in Woolwich where he commented that ‘business was bouncing back’ and then signed some bunting (no, us neither).

The Mayor chirped: “It was good to meet both shoppers and traders and frontline police officers here in Woolwich today.

“I’ve heard a lot of praise for both the police and the council for all they’ve been doing since the riots and it’s really good to see how quickly the area is recovering.”

And, according to Southwark News‘ Twitter feed, the people of Woolwich ‘seemed pleased to see him in out patch’. (Their patch? What – London?)

Boris then went to visit other regeneration projects in the area, including the site of a new Tesco store (which could be, as far as we can tell, any street corner these days. Armando Iannucci was right when he recorded this for the excellent BBC series Time Trumpet…)

The Mayor also visited the site of the Woolwich Arsenal Crossrail Station. “I’ve also been able to see a lot of the really good work going on here in Woolwich – from the new squares to the Crossrail site – there’s no doubt that Woolwich is definitely on the up.”

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  • You’ve got to admire Boris Johnson. I wasn’t sure how he would get on in his role as London’s mayor, but he does seem to be able to put the bumbling facade aside and get on with doing some very good work for a city that he appears to be very passionate about.

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