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Boris’ Undraped Form

By July 28, 2011News

With just a year to go until the Olympic Games comes to London, Boris was joined by other well known faces this week to open London’s new aquatic centre.

The £269 million centre will host swimming and diving events and Bozza was joined by Jacques Rogge, president of the IOC, Princess Anne, Lord Coe and 2012 hopeful Tom Daley.

Everyone had great things to saw about the new venue. Lord Coe said: “After the Games it will become a much-needed swimming facility for London with community use at its heart.” He was invited to take a dip himself, but apparently he can’t swim.

The Mayor was in effusive, Boris mode and showed a surprising knowledge of the unsavoury contents of a typical public swimming baths. “I had no idea it was going to be so beautiful. It is an architectural poem, a seamless wave of beauty,” he said. “And look at that water. It looks good enough to drink, it is gin-clear. If you dive to the bottom you won’t find any fluff and the normal sort of stuff you find in a municipal pool – an old pair of goggles and a Band Aid.

“I have been asked to have a go in it myself, I think it would be electorally inadvisable. I think this is not the moment in the electoral cycle to present my undraped form to the people of London, until I lose a lot of weight.”

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