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By June 3, 2011News

We’ve all faced the problem of unsold seats for a major event.

Just last year, the Boriswatch HQ Amateur Dramatic society’s performance of HMS Pinafore was scheduled to start in half an hour and we had two rows of empty seats near the front of the village hall. The eyes of the world (well, the eyes of the local rag and the village) were on us and we had to suffer the embarrassment of not filling our venue for our event.

So, to avoid this happening at next year’s Olympic Games, Boris has a plan. Yes, they’re going to bus kids to venues in order that it looks like the whole nation is feverishly excited about handball, rhythmic gymnastics and water polo.

“There will be an opportunity, we think, for kids to get into events if they are under-subscribed and if the (Olympic) Park needs filling up on the day,” said the Mayor. “You remember in Beijing they had a problem with stadiums and venues that looked a bit empty, we’re obviously thinking of ways to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

And, to be fair, it’s a win-win. The Olympics looks like it’s packed and kids get to avoid double geography with Mr Walters in favour of watching some badminton.

Bozza also denied that kids would only get tickets for unpopular and boring events. “People have the chance, perhaps not a huge chance in each case, of seeing Usain Bolt run or whatever it happens to be,” he added.

In addition, organisers have announced that 125,000 tickets, including for showcase events involving sprint champion Usain Bolt, will be distributed to London schools that had signed up to the ‘Get Set’ programme. A further 50,000 tickets are available to schools outside London.

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