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Tough on the causes of grime

By March 23, 2011News

Getting rid of grime is a problem. Whilst Mr Muscle might do a half decent job on your kitchen surfaces, and Cillit Bang might bring your floor up lovely (allegedly by removing the top layer of coating), getting rid of larger scale grime can be tricky.

So, Boris has come up with a great invention to get rid of problem dirt and grease. It’s a mobile and internet service!

[Eh? Will this really work? – Boriswatch Consumer Ed]

Through the Love Clean London system, residents will be able to report environmental offences such as graffiti, litter and fly-tipping on their mobile phone. Rather than ringing the Grime Line you can now use a free mobile app to upload a picture of the problem onto an online map. A GPS signal is used to identify which borough is responsible for the problem and emails a report for action to be taken.

Bozza said that grime costs boroughs millions of pounds to clear up and was a ‘real blight’ on the environment.

The Mayor said: “Love Clean London gives people an easy way to report a discarded mattress or an outbreak of graffiti, helping their boroughs to direct finite resources where they are most needed.

“In tough financial times, this smart use of technology can deliver genuine savings whilst encouraging people to take an active pride in their local environment. I am urging more boroughs to get behind it and more Londoners to spruce up the capital in the run up to 2012 and beyond.”

Susan Wise, cabinet member for customer services at Lewisham, said: “Encouraging Londoners to get involved and report the problems they see not only helps improve the areas in which they live, but by using this state of the art, easy to use technology it’s a cost effective way of helping to create cleaner, greener places.”

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