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By February 16, 2011News

In a development that’s bound to infuriate the presenters of Top Gear, London will soon have more electric car charging points than petrol stations.

Bozza is trying to make London the electric transport capital of the world, and Londoners will start to see branded Source London charging points strategically located across the city from this spring. At least 1,300 charging points will be installed by the end of 2013 in public locations and streets across the capital.

Boris said: “One of the biggest hurdles to greater use of electric vehicles has been a lack of charging points. But now Londoners will see Source London points popping up in locations all over the Capital. By giving increasing numbers of drivers the confidence in electric vehicle technology we will make a considerable contribution to improving our air quality and cutting carbon emissions.”

The Mayor is urging drivers to take advantage of Government grants and to purchase an electric car, safe in the knowledge that there will be plenty of places that you can plug it in whilst you’re doing your shopping or having a skinny mochalattechino….

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