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One For The Memoirs

By February 7, 2011News

Eh up – Bozza’s been at the water antics again….

Remember a year or two back where he had a bit of an incident in a river? Well, according to the Daily Mirror, the Mayor’s been involved in some further water peril. Apparently, whilst Bozza was on holiday on a private island near Tanzania last year, he was swept out to sea whilst swimming. Whilst taking a morning dip with his wife Marina, worried staff had to send out a boat to pick the Mayor after he underestimated the strength of the currents.

According to the Daily Mirror, “One worker, who asked not to be named, revealed: ‘They didn’t realise how strong the current was. They went out a bit too far and he was getting carried away so we had to launch a motor boat to get them.'”

When he made it ashore after being rescued, he tried to laugh off the drama, declaring: “That’s one for the memoirs.�

(Quite why this information has only come out now, we’re not quite sure. Perhaps Ken Livingstone is after the votes of London lifeguards and health and safety officials?)

In a sparkling display of understatement, a friend of the Mayor said: “He’s not the strongest swimmer.�

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