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F***-ing awful decision (FIFA, obviously)

By December 3, 2010News

So, despite £15 million and us sending all our most trusted generals into battle (and Gary Lineker) England’s bid to host the 2018 World Cup failed in humiliating fashion.

England secured just two of the twenty-two available votes with Russia ending up as the overwhelming choice to host the showpiece event in eight years time.

Boris, part of England’s 2018 bid team, was naturally downhearted. “There was a feeling that all the furore and the hoo-ha in the media had damaged our chances. From the voting process it is very hard to draw any other conclusion and that is very sad. It is bitterly disappointing.â€?

Indeed, the Mayor was more outspoken than the rest of England’s unsuccessful bid team when he called for fundamental changes to FIFA’s constitution. The Mayor said: “FIFA’s days in its current form are numbered. I hope today will make us examine the decision process.”

It’s still staggering that England weren’t awarded the 2018 World Cup. I mean, the UK only has the 2012 Olympics, the 2013 Rugby League World Cup, the 2014 Commonwealth Games, the 2015 Rugby World Cup and the 2019 Cricket World Cup to host….

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