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Firemen and Cheerleaders

By October 27, 2010June 7th, 2012News

We at Boriswatch HQ have often remarked on how odd a job the Mayor has. Negotiating with the US Embassy about unpaid congestion charges or speaking out against Tube strikes is invariably followed by having to judge a ‘rudest marrow’ competition in a local school.

This week has been no exception. Firstly, Boris (and the PM) have been forced to condemn a series of planned strikes by firefighters on Bonfire Night. The Daily Telegraph reported that ‘London Mayor Boris Johnson insisted the contingency plans were solid and he urged Londoners not to change their plans. He said: “Londoners should be confident that they can go ahead with their fireworks parties but, as always, take tried and tested precautions by following the Firework Code.”‘

And then, having dealt with more strike action, Bozza got to hang about with some nubile cheerleaders. The Mayor met the San Francisco 49ers cheerleading squad, alongside chief executive Jed York and player Shawntae Spencer ahead of the annual NFL game at Wembley stadium this Sunday.

As the Daily Mail reported: “Looking somewhat confused and shooting an admiring glance towards blonde cheerleader Lauren Riccaboni, Mr Johnson could have again been landing himself in hot water with his wife Marina.”

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