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Two points in it

By October 19, 2010News

It looks the 2012 Mayoral Election will be a straight fight between the present incumbent, our Bozza and Ken Livingstone according to a new opinion poll in The Guardian.

And, it may be a closer race than it first appeared. The YouGov poll buts BoJo just two percentage points above his Labour rival with coalition cuts yet to be announced or really bite. It therefore looks like Bozza is going to find clinging onto power harder than he may have thought.

A sample of 1,271 Londoners questioned during the week of the Tory conference, when Johnson held a re-election rally following his decision to stand again in 2012, showed 46% would vote for the incumbent, while 44% would vote for Livingstone.

There’ also bad news for the Liberal Democrats with more people claiming they would vote for ‘another candidate’ than would vote Lib Dem. Just 4% said they would vote for the Lib Dem candidate, who has yet to be selected, and a further 7% said they would vote for ‘some other’ candidate.

In an attempt to maintain his popularity, Boris has tried to distance himself from Conservative cuts. This week, he said: “For months now we as a nation have talked about cuts and nothing but cuts, with the morbid fascination of an Oprah Winfrey discussion of self-harm. We know we have to go through with the operation. But we don’t know quite how extensive the slicing is going to be, and we have been kept so long in the waiting room while the surgeon counts his scalpels that the foreboding has been allowed to grow.”

I bet you wouldn’t get that from Livingstone….

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  • Black Pudding Fan says:

    I didn’t like Livingstoat, but Bozza (or whatever his real name is, I can never remember it let alone spell it !) makes him look like a likeable, intelligent, honest type of baddie. (I was going to put something else, but it might be considered slanderous.)

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