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Just Behind Adrian Chiles

By October 14, 2010News

We all have a little guilty crush, don’t we?  At Boriswatch Towers, we’ve always had a little bit of a thing for Kirstie off of Location, Location, Location (particularly so when she decides to have a pop at Siralan Sugar as she did this week.)

Now, Fibre Plus, a cereal bar, has carried out some research (no, we’re not quite sure how that works, either – I have never been accosted in the street by any brand of breakfast cereal) to find Britain’s ‘surprisingly tasty’ celebrities.  You see what they did, there?

The poll of 3,000 women was designed to find the people that do get you a little bit hot and bothered, but that you really shouldn’t admit to.  The Cadbury’s Caramel Bunny, for example.  Andrew Marr.  Bruce Forsyth.

At the head of the list was none other than Simon Cowell who polled a third of the votes.  Next (and this concerns me) comes ‘roly poly’ DJ Chris Moyles, closely followed by Ashes to Ashes actor Philip Glenister.

Never fear, however – Bozza was 8th on the list of celebs that ladies secretly fancy.  The Mayor saw off the challenge of Adam Woodyatt (you’d have contemplated topping yourself if you’d finished in a ‘good looking’ poll behind Ian Beale, presumably?) and Greg Wallace.  BoJo finished eighth in the list, narrowly behind Chris Evans and Adrian Chiles.

Bozza also, surprisingly, polled 2% fewer votes than Piers Morgan, which either a) means the women of this country are nuts or b) the poll’s a load of old cobblers.  We vote ‘b’.

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    It says a great deal about Londoners that they pick a twat like johnson to be their mayor. In the REAL Britain (north of Birmingham) he would be declared a danger to public health and sanity, and put down. (Not necessarily humanely either!)

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