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Congestion contention

By June 29, 2010News

As we have reported before on this site, there continues to be a row brewing between the UK and other countries about quite what staff employed at foreign embassies can get away with when in London.

Foreign Secretary William Hague has this week released details of eighteen crimes alleged to have been perpetrated by people with diplomatic immunity. These include drink driving, actual bodily harm, sexual assault and people trafficking.

Another issue that has reared its head again (and one that threatened a diplomatic row between Boris and Barack Obama) is over unpaid London congestion charges. London is owed a staggering £36million in unpaid congestion charges from several embassies who refuse to pay the fee. The worst offender is the USA who owe almost £4million in congestion charges but steadfastly refuse to pay.

Bozza’s spokeswoman said: “Three-quarters of all foreign missions already pay the Congestion Charge. Transport for London continues to press any non-paying embassies to live up to their obligations to their host city and pay the charge.”

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