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By June 21, 2010News

You have to feel for Boris, really.  Jetting half way across the world to discuss sports event staging in South Africa, attending a royal function intended to support England’s 2018 World Cup bid and then, awfully, having to sit through England’s dreadful 0-0 draw with Algeria.

It’s not all champagne receptions and jollies, this Mayor lark.  Sometimes you really do have to suffer for the privilege.

Apparently, after the goalless draw (and in a rare moment of crystal clear football insight) Bozza told a ‘source’ (A ‘source’? Eh?) “What was that?  That was diabolical”.

Impolite, but sadly true.  One fan at the match told the Daily Mail that “Wayne Rooney couldn’t trap a bag of cement.” The entire England team failed to display any passion at all, and so if you’re going to wear the Three Lions shirt, the least you have to show is a bit of grit and determination….

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  • angelneptunestar says:

    It was diabolical! it was the pits! And look at our rugby guys, battling the press and their own legend, to triumph in a nail biting victory over the Wallabies, Lewis Moody never, ever, gives up, he is a hero! Our football team, according to the press, is split in two….. over a woman! How unprofessional is that?

    Well now we will find out what our football team are made of. As in life, it’s how you cope with the downs, the disasters, the unfair twists of fate that show what type of person you are. Jonny Wilkinson battled injury for years, after a glorious career, and he came back.

    This afternoon, we will find out for sure whether there is any mettle or steel in our team, or if they are just a bunch of narcissistic, shallow, spoilt losers.

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