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By June 15, 2010News

The Mayor is an interesting and complex character, but one of the lesser known facts about Bozza is that he is an enormous Harry Potter fanatic. He was the beater for the Bullingdon Club Quidditch team for two years and, indeed, he changed his middle names by deed poll to Dedalus Diggle in 2005.

[Are you sure? – Boriswatch Ed]

BoJo’s huge love affair with all things Potter has been damaged over recent months, however. The decision to build the world’s first Potter theme park in Orlando, Florida has angered the Mayor, who firmly believes that you should be able to buy Ron Weasley themed baseball caps in London, not in the USA.

BoJo, deeply misunderstanding the correct usage of the word ‘pilgrimage’, said “I deeply and bitterly resent that Orlando is about to become the official place of pilgrimage for every Harry Potter fan on earth.”

In a rather uncharitable moment, Bozza then retorted that the siting of the park in Florida meant that “you are, of course, far more likely to get shot or robbed there than London.â€?

Blimey. Dumbledore will be turning in his grave…. (What do you mean you haven’t finished book six yet? Eh? Oh…..)

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  • angelneptunestar says:

    I was absolutely flabbergasted that J. K. Rowling approved! She was so concerned that her films should have the right ambience and remain faithful to the books, and she doesn’t object if Harry Potter goes to Florida?

    I don’t understand why i don’t like the Harry Potter books, but I just don’t. I like the character of Harry, and his friends, I love the idea in theory of the school and all the witchy, magicky things, but I can’t get into them so have given up trying. I know they are for kids, but even so….. I have read all Twilight series, vampires, dying for love, were wolves, the saintly Cullen family, all blond, perfect, super intelligent, aloof,peoples’ throats ripped out by bad vampires. Edward’s father is a doctor and he is so noble, he can operate on humans and never even takes a bite… you are talking! The Twilight series is for teenagers, but that didn’t stop me loving the books. I’m stunned Boris likes Harry Potter. Amazed.

    I like the idea of Harry Potter. I just can’t read any of it.

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