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More Powers for Bozza

By June 6, 2010News

In a move which may have angered many, it has emerged that the new Prime Minster, David Cameron has abolished the position of Minister for London and plans to devolve more powers to the Mayor.

After it was announced that the government office for London would close as part of cost-cutting exercises, it has been revealed that Bozza will get more powers. These important, groundbreaking new powers apparently involve bringing the Homes and Communities agency in house and – get this – making the Royal Parks Agency accountable to the Mayor.

Londoners – you might as well tattoo numbers to your foreheads and cede your soul to Johnson now. I mean, as well as deciding what the tube fare will be, he can now directly influence how much mulch and fertiliser the Royal Parks Agency use. It’s like George Orwell’s 1984 has come to pass….


Interestingly, DaveCam appointed successive shadow ministers for London while in opposition. And, the former Labour minister for London, Jim Fitzpatrick, told the London Evening Standard: “London generates at least 18% of the nation’s wealth, and it’s frankly ridiculous for this city not to have its own minister liaising between the mayor and the prime minister and rest of Whitehall.

“It’s dead sneaky for David Cameron to slip this out. Whatever happened to open government?”

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