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Living Wage

By April 6, 2010News

There have been a lot of claims and counter-claims over recent weeks that parties are stealing each others policies ahead of the forthcoming General Election.  Some politicians deny it whilst others employ the old ‘well, if it’s in the nation’s best interests, what does it mater where it comes from?’ approach.

Now, it seems that Gordon Brown (Labour, remember) is set to adopt on of Boris Johnson’s key London policy initiatives as part of Labour’s main Election commitments.

The Living Wage was introduced by Bozza in London to more accurately reflect the cost of living in the Capital.  It’s significantly higher than the national ‘minimum wage’ and now looks set to be rolled out nationwide if Labour hang on to power.

Civil servants could get at least £7.60 an hour, more than the £5.80 minimum pay, to haul them above the poverty line. A ‘living wage’ would benefit the 100,000 staff who are on a salary of less than £15,000 a year. Procurement contracts would be rewritten to include the demand that firms will pay staff such as cleaners, chefs and security guards the agreed minimum and this could benefit a further 100,000 workers.

Many big companies such as Barclays and HSBC have introduced the higher wage after being lobbied by the campaign group Citizens UK.

Labour hope this Living Wage commitment will be a vote winner as they begin their Election campaign.  If this proves to be the case, they will have the unlikeliest of Opposition sources to thank.

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  • Stephen Aselford says:

    The London Living wage should be infored by all public athorities to ensure that all contractors who woros k for them get the London living wage because i know a tfl cleaner who gets the London Living wage working for a TFL contactor but does part time for a home office contactor on the National Mnimum wage.

    A person who cleans a Local Council Building says that turnover is high so all the money saved by paying the National Minimum wage is lost by the cost of recruiting new staff & training them

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