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Gigantic Coelenterate

By December 27, 2009November 18th, 2013News

Nice to see that the Mayor’s bizarre observations are making news around the world.

Bozza appeared on The Toronto Star’s radar and this piece of wisdom was included in their review of 2009:

“At the moment I am like some underwater sea creature, a gigantic coelenterate, sucking everything in, and later on I am going to start expelling. It’s going to take me some time to come up with a complete theory of urban civilization but I’m sure I will.”



  • angela says:

    Ha ha ha that is a really funny one. I like how you describe the Mayor’s comments as bizarre. Not many people could get away with that without a smack in the kisser!

  • angela says:

    Simon, you have always batted for Boris and you are definitely the opening batsman when his supporters turn out for a good knock.

    I have a treat for you….. a link you will find so exciting, so thrilling, it will make your New Year! I will keep you in suspense and give it to you tomorrow!

  • raincoaster says:

    Would you like me to translate? Really, he’s making it TOO easy for his opponents, who apparently don’t speak marine biology.

    Literally, the quote means:

    “I, Boris, suck and am full of shit.”

    What’s that line from the Voyage of the Dawn Treader? Hmmm….”Blimey! It’s almost like it knows what it’s saying!”
    .-= raincoaster´s last blog ..Keep Calm and Carry On … NOT! =-.