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Bogging It Up

By December 14, 2009News

Boris Dave 1Whilst it won’t affect him directly, Boris is likely to be one of the Tories’ weapons for the forthcoming General Election.  Reports suggest this may be held as early as March 2010 with Labour narrowing the Conservatives’ lead in the polls.

In an interview with the BBC, Bozza was careful not to sound over-confident, whilst seemingly having watched too much Star Wars over the weekend. “[I’m]…not going to say the election is a done deal… it is like a novel where the denouement has become obvious a little bit too early. I think the Labour government is almost completely discredited. In my view they have bogged it up in the most imperial, inter-galactic fashion. They have run up colossal sums of debt and have no credible way out of it.”

Bogged it up, eh?  Crikey.

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