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Only in London

By November 18, 2009News

only in londonBoris’ campaign to bring tourists to London was hailed a marvellous success this week (by Boris, admittedly, so here’s a pinch of salt for you to take with this news).

The £2million ‘Only in London’ campaign, which involved helping to pay for Easyjet and Ryanair adverts in foreign cities has generated £50million in additional revenue for London, claimed the Mayor.

The campaign (and clearly not the beneficial exchange rate which has made everything miles cheaper in London than elsewhere.  Ahem) brought in 6% more tourists this summer who each spent an additional £34 each (or, one cup of coffee in a Fortnum and Mason cafe).

“Now is not the time to be complacent though,” Bozza warned. “We are working on a strong, recognisable and iconic identity to tie together the diverse strands that make up the London brand.” he also committed a further £400,000 to the campaign by next March.

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